Parametric modifiers

Parametric modifiers are another prototyping/sketching tool that allows you to apply effects in a non-destructive way, without affecting the base notes of your sequence.

Add or edit them via the “Modifiers” menu of the selected clip or track. Modifiers can be stacked and reordered there:


Parametric modifiers are mainly meant for testing arpeggiators, while keeping the underlying chords editable, but most of the refactoring options are available too.

The generated sequence cannot be edited manually and is displayed as dashed semi-transparent notes. When playback starts, the sequencer switches between display modes for the generated and original notes to indicate which notes are being played:


(the main intended use case for parametric modifiers is prototyping arpeggios for a chord sequence)

A few tips:

  • The generated sequences are used in playback and MIDI export.
  • Modifiers can be stacked on any individual clip (a.k.a. sequence instance), allowing you to experiment with different effects on the same notes in different places of the project.
  • To quickly switch the playback between the generated and original sequences, mute and unmute all modifiers using the Alt + M hotkey.
  • To make all changes permanent and editable, select “Apply all” from the modifiers menu (this basically replaces the original sequence with the generated one and resets the modifiers stack).